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Verizon Networkfleet produces in-vehicle GPS monitoring and telematics networks that enable businesses to remotely control their field operations. By tracking vehicle diagnostics and locations, Networkfleet creates 384 million data points every day. That means that cost-saving and performance-enhancing decisions are that much easier for Fleet Managers to make.

Even with Networkfleet’s robust data flow, Fleet managers and drivers were relying on third-party apps to communicate in real-time. Additionally, their data wasn’t useful until after operations ended. Verizon approached Cooper to extend Networkfleet to mobile and tablet platforms to integrate real-time data visibility and communications capability. The result was a single, streamlined network that can monitor and route operations with ease while also saving resources spent on designating staff members as “information hubs.”

Communication and Data in One

The Cooper Team interviewed end users and internal stakeholders at Networkfleet to learn that while Networkfleet was designed mainly for Fleet Managers, it attracts a more diverse user base. Many Networkfleet users don’t have Fleet Managers, meaning they apply the data differently.

To maximize utility for these users, the mobile solution needed to clearly display relevant and customizable information while also facilitating direct communication.

Including Key Users with a Mobile Focus

The Cooper Team took a “mobile first” approach, starting with a framework for the driver app before expanding to tablet and desktop. We established key driver flows, identified needed features, and created incentives for drivers to use the app, like an accessible, up-to-date schedule.

Past, Future, Present

Before working with Cooper, Verizon’s Networkfleet tool kit was focused on analytics that described past activity, like showing where drivers have been and how safely they were driving. This data was collected and studied to help plan for future projects.

Since Cooper stepped in, Networkfleet users have become able to engage with this data while they work. Drivers can now log on, check their schedules, let their Fleet Manager know where they are, and take directions on where to go next with real-time immediacy.

With Networkfleet’s new features, thousands of Fleet Managers are not only using their data to plan for the future, but also dispatching and utilizing their fleets with more intelligence, more clarity, and less wasted time and resources.

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