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The Opportunity

TrafficBridge is a digital platform, developed by Extreme Reach, that streamlines and modernizes the interaction between broadcasters and agencies regarding commercial copy instructions. For decades, television networks and agencies have executed deals using paper printouts, highlighters, and fax machines. The process of choosing what advertisements to run, where and when to run them, can be cumbersome and rife with errors. 

“Every year, 500 people in our industry are making $1 billion in mistakes.”

This is hurting the bottom line and negatively impacting the quality of customer service. The time was ripe for innovation. Cooper came in to design a high-tech, error-proof alternative to the existing manual and paper-intensive process.

Thinking Big: Lean and Agile

First, the TrafficBridge team conducted onsite discovery sessions with both agencies (Traffic Coordinators) and networks (Copy Coordinators), to uncover the problems each was facing. The exercise confirmed that the current experience is maddening: clunky, antiquated, and jargony. With this data, Cooper guided the team to create personas and scenarios, and map the existing workflow. We took a Lean approach to generate big ideas. This involved organizing a design studio workshop comprised of clients, potential users, buyers, and designers. Cooper produced alternative proofs of concept through a series of iterative sprints which focused on designing, validating, and refining concepts with users. This yielded a design that was enthusiastically received. Following Cooper’s success during the concept phase, we built out the user experience within an Agile development process. During this phase, we actively contributed to daily stand-ups and weekly sprint planning.

“TrafficBridge will enable big changes in the workflow between broadcasters and advertisers.”

Creating Enthusiasm

TrafficBridge was designed for Copy Coordinators to use all day, every day. With this in mind, Cooper created a beautiful, streamlined, intuitive interface that moves much faster than the legacy process, while also incorporating additional capabilities. This new system clearly communicates copy instruction status and illuminates important updates and information. Most critically, the product significantly reduces potential errors. Enthusiasm for the product is reflected in comments from TrafficBridge test users who indicate that the system can be learned in just a few minutes and it is the coolest thing ever.

Achieving Success

Using Cooper’s design, TrafficBridge has been beta-tested by major networks. Extreme Reach is in the process of signing contracts with two network groups. Cooper was honored in Helsinki, Finland as: “Interaction Awards 2016, Finalist, Connecting” for its innovative work with TrafficBridge.

Interaction Awards 2016 Finalist, Connecting 

“The Cooper team did a terrific job of helping us envision how TrafficBridge could help our users.” 

-Tim Conley, COO, Extreme Reach

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