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Thomson Reuters, one of the world’s largest business data providers, hired Cooper to establish a better user experience for their financial services platform. Cooper’s work led to the creation of a fundamentally new way to integrate news, data, and other financial services research information. Just as profound was our impact on their organization: we helped the internal product leaders make the transition to a user-oriented design and development organization.

Design for a Full Spectrum of Financial Professionals

Since the initial engagement, Cooper worked steadily with product teams across Thomson Reuters Markets, designing mobile and desktop products for corporate investors, investment bankers, investor relations, financial advisors, mutual fund managers, and individual investors.

A Wealth of Design and Strategy

Most recently, Cooper redesigned the platform for wealth managers and financial advisors. We first refreshed the visual system for all wealth products, and then undertook a broader initiative to simplify and modernize tools for advisors and their customers. In parallel to these design efforts, we conducted internal design trainings, and helped them to establish an internal design department.

Software That Makes Cents

Thomson Reuters customers have been ecstatic with the results. When bankers at Morgan Stanley saw early prototypes of the new investment banking products, they reportedly said, “You guys get it.” Cooper's personas now guide their global services team to understand their customers and deliver better service to Thomson Reuters users. 

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