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Errands, Without the Running

TaskRabbit provides a unique service: they connect people who want help completing simple tasks with “Rabbits”, a pre-screened group of errand runners. TaskRabbit came to Cooper to create an experience-rich iPhone application, a crucial component for expanding the reach and utility of the service.

Cooper designers collaborated closely with the TaskRabbit team and with developers at Pivotal Labs to design a user experience optimized for busy, on-the-go people. With just a spin of a unique interactive wheel and a few taps, people can post a task in seconds, often with no typing.

Concept Through Development

For TaskRabbit to be successful as a mobile companion to busy and on-the-go users, the experience was key: creating and paying for a task had to be simple and swift. After honing and refining detailed scenarios, Cooper worked with our development partners to make sure the product felt just right.

Say it, Pay it, and Go

Errands on TaskRabbit can range from the routine to the complex, but typing a long task description and researching the right price for a task bogs down the process.

With TaskRabbit, if it needs an explanation, just say it. And finding the right price for the job is always a snap with a simple way to compare your selection with what other people are paying for similar tasks.

Reinventing the Wheel

The TaskRabbit task wheel greeting each user was the Cooper design team’s inventive solution to the problem of picking a category in a way that was scalable, simple, inviting and fun. It gives TaskRabbit an appealing and recognizable face and helps people new to the service understand the myriad errands and odd jobs Rabbits can help them accomplish.

Jump-starting a Great Start-up

With Cooper, TaskRabbit jump-started their mobile design and development efforts just in time for a multi-million dollar venture capital investment and expansion into more cities across the US. They calculate that they’ve saved their task-posters a collective 4.5 years of time. 

"The TaskRabbit iPhone app is innovative, allowing anyone who needs something done fast to post a task quickly."

- TechCrunch

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