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With a free, cloud-based patient records system, Practice Fusion is changing how doctors run their business, liberating doctors from their desktops. Cooper created a mobile, tablet-based companion to Practice Fusion’s web app, optimized for rapid data entry, using intelligent templates, smart defaults, and dictation to give the doctor more time to focus on the patient.

Solving Real Problems for Real Clinicians

As we spent time with the experts at Practice Fusion and observed doctors in their clinics, the challenge became clear: the Practice Fusion iPad app needed to eliminate the pain points busy doctors feel every day as they juggle patient interviews, record-keeping, and working with their colleagues and staff to stay on top of the workload, without losing focus.

Concept to Prototype

Close collaboration with Practice Fusion and quick iterations led from sketches to a working prototype of the app in six weeks. The Cooper team demonstrated the app to an enthusiastic crowd of hundreds of doctors at the Practice Fusion user conference, Connect. 

In 2013, Practice Fusion was named 'Best in Category, Optimizing' by the Interaction Awards. Since Cooper's engagement with Practice Fusion, the startup has gone on to raise over 155 million dollars and is approaching an IPO. 

$155 Million Raised

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