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Google for Education partnered with Cooper to become the market leader for educational technology. 

Through in-depth research of teachers, principals, and K-12 IT professionals, rapid prototyping, testing, and iterative sprints, Cooper designed:

  • A streamlined way for schools to purchase Google devices.
  • A marketing website to tell the story of Google for Education.
  • The Google Training Center, a comprehensive system for teachers to learn how to use Google technologies in the classroom. 
  • The Google Transformation Center to convene a community of school leaders that share resources and best practices.

Since our partnership, Google’s market share has increased dramatically:

  • 250,000+ teachers have registered on the Google Training Center, and 30,000+ have become advanced users, or Google Certified Educators. 
  • Chromebook sales account for 58% of mobile devices shipped to schools in the US, up from 38% in 2014. More than half of US primary and secondary school students — more than 30 million children — use Google for Education products.

These new initiatives have helped Google achieve its goal of becoming the market leader for educational technology and improving educational outcomes around the world.


Market Share

"Using Chromebooks, we’ve created a school system that paves the way for the future." 

- Tejo Vink, Director of Upper-School Education


Google products in the classroom

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