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The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco (FHLBankSF) is a bank for banks. Financial institutions, including commercial banks, credit unions, and community development organizations, join FHLBankSF to take advantage of the innovative, low-cost financing available only to their members.

A few years ago, FHLBankSF was relying on outdated and time-consuming paper-based business processes. They called on Cooper to help them modernize their member portal. The new interface handles transactions and reports with greater immediacy, efficiency, and provides easier access to critical interactions.

Deep Insights

Cooper designers interviewed 55 users from 23 of FHLBankSF’s member institutions, ranging from CFOs to recent college graduates. They found that employees at smaller community banks and credit unions had different needs than people in more specialized roles at larger institutions. They designed with the needs and work styles of these two very different types of users in mind.

Cooper delivered an overarching framework for the entire site, including downloadable forms, streamlined options for formerly manual services, and convenient routes to view financial information or make transactions. This effort helped FHLBankSF significantly reduce its reliance on faxing and other paper-based practices.

Turn-key Design

Cooper delivered a turn-key design to FHLBankSF, which they implemented quickly. The new Member Portal is now streamlined, transaction-focused, and information-rich, giving members quick access to the information they most desire, while also providing a broad look at market activity.

Glowing feedback poured in from FHLBankSF’s members who appreciate the fresh, modern look, time-saving features, and ability to download pre-populated documents that increase accuracy.

“Working with Cooper helped us change our internal culture and the way we serve customers,” said Mary Desmond, VP, Web and Creative Services at FHLBankSF. “Their research provided valuable insight into how members were interacting with our website and processes and what they expected from us as their funding partner. Cooper helped us see the big picture of what needed to change and then developed a precise roadmap to help us get there.”

“Cooper helped us change our internal culture and the way we serve customers”

Mary Desmond, VP, Web and Creative Services at FHLBankSF

Cooper designed a sleek, user-friendly member portal for FHLBankSF.
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