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It’s All in the Ingredients

Chefs Feed is a popular web-based restaurant guide with over 500 of the best chefs contributing their recommendations from all over the country. In comparison review sites like Yelp are bloated and contain a cacophony of opinions. Others just aggregate shallow star ratings, while reviewers may have tastes different from your own. Chefs Feed offers an inspired new way to choose, but they wanted more from their app in terms of functionality.

Function Meets Social

When Chefs Feed approached Cooper, the startup was about to make a big leap. Lots of people were downloading the app, but its functionality was limited to a few features like reading and bookmarking chefs’ reviews. With the user base expanding quickly, Chefs Feed needed a blueprint for making the app a platform for interaction between chefs and foodies. The app also needed features to help friends trade dish recommendations and share their passion for food. In short, the app was to get social.

"Chefs Feed cultivates the best food advice coming from the experts, professional chefs, and friends with discerning taste."

It’s So Good, You’ll Come Back for More

Cooper developed an interface for the app that highlights the expert opinions of chefs, while creating a space for foodie friends to share tips and make dining plans. Social features like following and an activity feed increases the reach and influence of each chef and their foodie followers. The app also caters to the moments when you are just looking for what is good to eat around you, balancing immediate benefit with long-term engagement. 

Chefs Feed was named one of the best apps of 2012 by the App Store. 

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