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We no longer offer a public workshop in User Experience Design. If you would like to learn our design methodology, from start to finish, we invite you to check out our Design Thinking Immersive.

Could your products resonate better with users? Are too many features creating bloat? Are technological constraints driving lackluster design? Cooper believes good design focuses on human needs first, and technology second. In this comprehensive three-day course, you’ll learn how to use our time-tested, human-centered design framework and tools, including ethnographic research, personas, scenarios, and design frameworks. You’ll apply what you learn to a practice project to ensure you have it down pat.

You'll walk away knowing how to: 

  • Plan and conduct interviews to identify customer goals
  • Extract behavioral patterns and insights from user researchbehavioral patterns and insights from user research
  • Create design personas to encapsulate and communicate behavioral patternsbehavioral patterns
  • Use exploration and storytelling to generate innovative concepts that address customer goals
  • Sketch design frameworks and interface elements
  • Communicate your design effectively at different stages of the process

This class was previously known as Interaction Design

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

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