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We all know how critical branding is to a company’s success. So why is it so difficult to talk about? Cooper’s “Brand Experience Workshop” will make future conversations about brand a breeze. In this course, you’ll learn Cooper’s time-tested approach to eliciting important information from business stakeholders, and how to lay a foundation for deeper conversations about how your brand is expressed across a wide range of touchpoints.

You’ll walk away away knowing how to:

  • Plan and lead a “Brand Experience Workshop” at your company
  • Effectively interact with stakeholders throughout the branding/re-branding process
  • Encourage engaging conversations about how a brand should be experienced
  • Use new tools to express the emotional experience, form, and function of a product or service
  • Create a shared language for discussing brand
  • Generate actionable outcomes that inform decision-making

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

* This class was previously known as Defining Brand Experience

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