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Great service experiences require the elegant orchestration of all the interactive moments with your company, whether it’s visiting a physical space, attending an event, calling an 800 number, or receiving an SMS alert. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn and practice the tools that will help you deeply understand the world surrounding your service, identify opportunities to improve, and create the conditions to actualize your vision. 

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • See what’s really happening around your service and distill that into useful tools for communication and design
  • Identify opportunities for your service to evolve and grow
  • Anticipate and plan for operating within a more holistic service design mindset 
  • Involve and align others in the creation of your future service vision
  • Use and adapt multiple tools: user journey, service blueprint, ideation, prototyping, and more

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

Apr 22-23, 2019
May 20-21, 2019
Jun 10-11, 2019
Corporate Training
Your Office

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