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Facilitation is a powerful mechanism for collaboration, and collaboration is key to working and innovating in a human-centric way. In this two-day course, you will build confidence in facilitating sessions that lead to greater creativity, understanding, and alignment on your team. 

We'll review a variety of methods and reflect on the role and mindset of a successful facilitator. We’ll help you identify where you want to grow, practice facilitating sessions and define a plan for incorporating collaborative facilitation into your work. By honing your facilitation skills, you'll learn how to frame the right problem, set the right tone, and guide important conversations to more impactful and actionable outcomes. 

  • Define the role of the facilitator and employ the jobs and mindsets of a great facilitator across your work 
  • Set the right tone, normalize risk, and manage energy 
  • Facilitate sessions that lead to greater team alignment and creativity 
  • Choose the right ideation and evaluation methods to achieve the outcomes you desire 
  • Understand your facilitation style and articulate what kind of facilitator you want to be 
  • Set concrete goals to improve your facilitation skills over time 

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

Jun 5-6, 2019
Corporate Training
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