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“Where will our business be in 5 years?”

“How will we continue to inspire our customers?” 

Answering questions like these requires more than a brainstorm and a 5 year plan—it requires a strategic approach to problem-solving.

In Design Thinking, we apply techniques from the designer’s toolkit to solving wickedly complex problems. Whether your team is responsible for producing a product, a service, a system, or a process, you can use Design Thinking to rally your team around serving the needs of your target users. 

In this workshop, you’ll work on a sample project, starting by establishing a deep understanding of your users and their goals. You’ll work with your team to generate a broad set of ideas to apply to the project, evaluating which ideas make the best fit for the user and your business. Finally, you’ll prototype solutions, gathering user feedback along the way. 

You’ll walk away knowing how to:

  • Plan and conduct research interviews to identify customer goals
  • Generate insights from user research
  • Use exploration and storytelling to inspire innovative concepts that satisfy both customer and business goals 
  • Create low-fidelity prototypes to refine your concepts and evaluate them with potential users

Download the full course syllabus. Got questions? Contact us.

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