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The Applied UX Design Intensive is an opportunity for product and service design professionals to challenge their skills, solve real-world problems, and learn by doing.

Over 4 days, you will work with stakeholder at Leading Through Connection (LTC) to creatively scale their leadership program.  LTC was born out of the Dalai Lama Fellows program and has trained over 100 leaders in 36 countries, including leaders from Facebook, Google, GoPro, and Y Combinator.

You will help LTC design new student engagement strategies and create an ecosystem around their leadership program to engage past students and encourage them to advocate the program.  

You will design within organizational constraints like limited access to resources, and your active immersion and collaboration will teach you more than a regular course ever could.  Best of all, your solutions will help LTC expand their services to develop world-changing leaders.

What’s in it for you:

  • Apply your skills to a completely new challenge outside of your domain
  • Advance your UX design techniques under the guidance of industry leaders
  • Energize your practice and make new connections by working on a real-world challenge with peers from around the world
  • Beef up your portfolio with a smart, new design concept
  • Pick up leadership and collaboration skills that will help you better navigate your work environment
  • Surprise yourself with how much you can do in a matter of days!

About Leading through Connection:

Leading through Connection (LTC) is a non-profit leadership development program focused on enabling leaders to deepen their capacity to know themselves and relate to others. LTC is unique in that it draws from practices that are universal, practical, and relevant across cultures. The program, born out of the Dalai Lama Fellows, leverages the experience of over 6 years of delivering training to leaders from over 36 countries. Read their class announcement.

Download the full course description. Got questions? Contact us.

Dec 12-15, 2017
Corporate Training
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Big News
Cooper is joining Designit!

We are thrilled to announce that effective October 4, 2017, Cooper has joined the Designit family. Designit is a global strategic design firm with a team of 550+ designers, researchers, and technologists across 14 offices worldwide. Designit is part of the leading technology company, Wipro.