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reimagine your product or service

Cooper invented Goal-Directed Design, a high-impact problem-solving framework. Through deep qualitative research, we uncover your customers' behaviors and motivations. We use these insights to design creative solutions that inspire loyalty and achieve ambitious business goals. Our approach is collaborative, and our recommendations are actionable.

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Learn design and leadership best practices

Through Cooper Professional Education, our world-class consultants teach the methods and best practices we pioneered to empower students and clients to create superlative products and services. We offer more than 60 public courses between San Francisco and New York. We can also bring our courses to you, anywhere on Planet Earth.  

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hands-on mentoring for your business challenge

Our coaches mentor and guide clients to solve a targeted problem using Cooper's signature methods. Through interactive and intensive one to four day workshops, your team will get on the same page, build new skills, and make real progress towards your goals. 

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