Remote work by design

Be intentional about the way in which your team collaborates remotely. We can help you design a culture of collaborative remote work, based on your organization’s DNA and your needs moving forward.

Make the most of remote work

As many of us have been shifting to work from home and remote work settings these are times of business as unusual. Together we can leverage the power of strategic design to define the ideal remote work experience for your organization. We’ll work with you to craft the optimal remote processes, tools and collaboration methods that will set a strong foundation for the working environment of tomorrow.

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How we can help

Through a combination of assessment, design, and coaching services, we help shape customized solutions for remote work, tailored to your team’s needs.


Remote Work Bootcamp

A 3-hour remote workshop, focused on surfacing needs for your team in the remote working setting, highlighting key processes and activities, and exploring relevant solutions through inspiration and co-creation.

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Working from home and remote work


Design remote work

Designing the ideal, human-centered remote working experience, focusing on key processes and activities, applying relevant tools, and addressing mindset, behavioral, and cultural shifts that will set you up strong for both the near and long- term.

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Education and coaching

Strengthen your team’s facilitation skills through our online learning program, Facilitating Remote Workshops, which aligns teams around effective techniques and best practices for discussion, ideation, and evaluation sessions. Both this program and follow-on coaching are delivered by our education team, Cooper Professional Education.

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Remote work coaches and trainers

Design what matters

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For over 20 years we have been collaborating with the world’s most ambitious organizations to design what matters – for people, for business, and for society. At Designit, we help create new products, services, businesses and experiences that impact people’s lives. Through our professional education program, we are training and coaching thousands of professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds to apply design-driven methods and approaches in their daily work.

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