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Prices range from $0 -$199 a month depending on your need



Ideal for

Web, Mobile is ideal for prototyping mobile devices that include transitions and multiple states.

Prototype elements must be built within the tool. This can work with sliced up image exports, but does not work well with full-screen exports.


  • Option to add animation to individual elements and transition effects to links.
  • Good training and support documentation.
  • Fine-grain control for adding interactivity to individual elements.
  • Effective simulation of high-fidelity interaction behaviors.
  • Support for gesture-based interaction.


  • Steep learning curve; not easy to use for a first-time user.
  • Time-consuming—2 hours to create first prototype.
  • Designed to build out screens in the tool. Difficult to use existing mock-ups as starting point.
  • Animated behaviors are buggy and do not always work consistently.
  • Hard to assign behaviors to specific elements because element labels are unclear.

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