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Prices range from $29 -$59 a month depending on your need



Ideal for

Web, Desktop, Mobile

Protoshare is ideal for prototyping web apps or desktop software that include multiple states and animated transitions.

Protoshare is designed to build screens out within Protoshare, but you can import images and assets by dragging and dropping.


  • Fine-grain controls for interactivity and appearance of elements.
  • Option to simulate a single page or the entire prototype.
  • Collaborative features allow multiple people to edit/review a project.
  • Good training and support documentation.
  • Quick and intuitive to add assets via drag + drop.
  • Option to add animation to individual elements and screen transitions.


  • Moderate learning curve; took some time to get oriented as a first-time user.
  • Must have a Protoshare account to view a shared prototype.
  • No device-specific templates or features.
  • No support for gesture-based interaction, only support for mouse interaction.
  • Designed to build out screens in the tool. Difficult to use existing mock-ups as starting point.

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