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$99 Free iOS app


Mac, iOS

Ideal for

Web, Mobile, Desktop

Principle uses a timeline interface giving the designer the flexibility to express experiences using motion. The flexibility of Principle's interface allows the user to create complex experiences in very short periods of time. Though you can create prototypes for web projects, the current focus of Principle is on mobile.

Principle is ideal for prototyping intricate motion design explorations for mobile and/or desktop applications. Prototypes are built using screens imported from Sketch or Photoshop. The imported elements are then manipulated within Principle to create a wide array​ of interactions.


  • Motion design explorations
  • Extremely polished prototypes
  • Demonstrating complex interactive elements
  • Create complex and motion explorations very quickly
  • Easy to share prototypes via the iOS app or movie exports


  • Interface feels a little unpolished
  • No Android app, primarily iOS
  • No web view of prototypes
  • Not optimized for web design
  • Primarily focused on mobile design

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