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Essential: Free, Pro: $25/mo, Enterprise: $399/yr


Mac, Windows

Ideal for

Web, Desktop, Mobile

Indigo Studio is ideal for prototyping interactive and animated web, desktop or mobile apps.

Prototypes can be created from existing mocks (by bringing them in as images) or by building out individual elements for each screen within Indigo Studio.


  • Good training and support documentation.
  • Fine-grain controls for adding interactivity to individual elements.
  • Support for gesture-based interaction.
  • Option to add transition effects when linking to new pages.
  • Fast and easy to create a scrollable canvas within an iPhone viewport (vertical or horizontal).
  • Built-in library of widgets that can be customized with specific actions and behaviors.
  • Flexible—can be used to prototype products for any digital platform.
  • Ability to create repeatable "screenparts" (similar to symbols).
  • Good at anticipating what actions I'd want to do next based on previous action (efficient number of steps).


  • Moderate learning curve; took some time to get oriented as a first-time user.
  • Designed to build out screens in the tool; not optimized to use existing mock-ups (images) as starting point.

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