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Ideal for

Web, Mobile, Desktop

If you are familiar with JavaScript or a similar language, Framer is ideal for prototyping high fidelity animations or complex interactions for desktop or mobile apps.

Prototypes are built with Coffeescript, a simpler and more legible way of writing JavaScript. A live preview of the prototype is displayed in the viewer, which updates instantly. Prototypes can also be viewed on Android or iOS devices using a Mirror app. Sketch or Photoshop files can be imported into Framer. As long as grouped layers are named consistently, re-importing a file will update the prototype with any changes.


  • Fine-grain control for adding interactivity and animations to individual elements.
  • Advanced support for gesture based interactions.
  • High fidelity output for animations and interactions.
  • Ability to import a Sketch file, which brings in all assets as individual objects that can be manipulated in Framer.
  • Immediately see changes to prototype while working via live viewer (split screen with code on the left and live preview on the right is a powerful way to work).
  • Thorough documentation available for Coffeescript language.
  • View prototype on Android, iOS, or web through Mirror app.


  • Steep learning curve if you don’t have knowledge of JavaScript or a similar language.
  • Requires a basic understanding of programming languages.
  • Takes time to get design elements in Sketch file set up correctly for use in Framer.
  • No visual way to keep track of states and pages; everything is built with Coffeescript.

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