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Start: $15
Pro: $25 Unlimited: $35



Ideal for

Web, Mobile, Desktop

Atomic is an ideal tool for prototyping animations or interactions for mobile or desktop applications. What separates Atomic from other prototyping tools is its focus on motion design, giving designers the ability create more robust animated prototypes.

While Atomic allows the creation of assets within the tool, I find it easier to import designs created in 3rd party applications like Sketch or Photoshop.


  • Easy to share and collect feedback on prototypes within the Atomic interface.
  • Design in the browser and view on any device.
  • Straight forward and easy to learn interface.
  • Extensive control for creating high fidelity animated prototypes.
  • Fine-grain control for adding interactivity to individual elements.


  • No controls for adjusting images.
  • Drawing tools are a little too basic for the creation of complex visual elements

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