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Our roots

Our team formed in 2001 as a professional development initiative at Cooper, one of the first interaction design firms. Cooper was founded by Sue and Alan Cooper, a pioneer of the modern computing era who created the programming language Visual Basic. Methods like goal-directed design, design persona, and pair design were born in our offices, and we wrote industry-standard books on design practice like “About Face.”

In 2017, Cooper became part of Designit, a global strategic design firm that specializes in creating high-impact products, services, systems, and spaces that people love. Designit is a part of Wipro, one of the largest technology, consulting, and business companies in the world.

We’re thrilled to join our new global family and bundle our forces on a joint mission: helping companies innovate and transform. And as an integral team within Designit, we can now offer education by experienced teachers under a new name. Today, we offer education services in North America, South America, Europe, India, and Australia, and we’re excited to help even more people as we grow.

Cooper timeline
Cooper timeline

Our mission

We guide organizations through transformative learning journeys that build and reinforce creative, innovative, human-centered cultures. It’s strategic work. It’s tangible work. And it’s what we love to do.

Our services

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Innovation programs

We design learning journeys that help people across organizations change how they work together – leaders, product managers, marketers, HR, and more.

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Team coaching

We mentor teams as they apply new tools, methods, and mindsets to their projects, providing guidance along the way.

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Certificate series

We empower teams with deeper expertise in design thinking and leadership through two certificate options.

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Individual courses

We bring any of our suite of courses in-house to companies that need focused training on a specific topic.

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Our approach

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Practical and actionable

Focusing exclusively on theory can be valuable, but it’s not us. We’re strategic designers, eager to teach you the tools and methods you can implement at work tomorrow.


Labs, not lectures

We design rich, multi-layered learning experiences that move beyond traditional classroom learning. No yawn-worthy lectures; our training sessions are interactive, hands-on, and dynamic.


Change that sticks

Our learning experiences are engineered to change your team’s approach to work, and our coaching support helps them to practice and hone their new skills.



Our faculty consists of practicing designers who teach what they’ve learned in the field. They’re familiar with the tools and challenges that come with organization-wide adoption of design thinking.


Global reach

Hello, hej, hola! We offer education in eight countries (and various languages), and we practice strategic design in 18 studios. With our diverse team of international design educators, we accommodate the needs of any global company.

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