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Cooperistas are interviewed and quoted by leading media. Each year, our designers speak at dozens of events around the globe, including TEDx, SXSW, IxDA, and WebVisions. Our experts love discussing design and tech industry trends, as well as their groundbreaking work. We also enjoy applying Cooper’s signature perspective to novel topics ranging from philanthropy and emojis, to careers, politics, and food.

FastCo Design

A UX Legend On The Much-Rumored Death Of The Design Firm

—Alan Cooper, Author

UX Magazine

Speculative Tools for Learning about Politics

—Joe Kappes, Author


Google’s New Logo Is Trying Really Hard to Look Friendly

—Nate Clinton, Quote


Conversing with Machines

—Nate Clinton, Speaker

FastCo Design

A UX Designer Explains Which Presidential Candidate Has The Best (and Worst) Website

—Chris Calabrese, Author. 

UX Magazine

Winning the Primary Election with Data Visualization

—Jim Dibble, Author

Interaction South America

Keynote: Ranch Stories

—Alan Cooper, Speaker

World Usability Day

Leading Creative Ideation

—Shannon McGarity, Speaker

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