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The creative process is more than just finding the right tool for the job; it’s also about finding the best approach to being creative. Growing as a UX designer means building your skills with everything from pen and paper to wireframing to high-fidelity drawing and prototyping tools. It means keeping up with the ever-shifting trends and visual innovations out there in the world, and finding ways to stay inspired.

Below, you'll find a collection of articles written by me and my colleagues here at Cooper devoted to the nuts and bolts of UX design. We hope you can benefit from our trials and errors, and deepen your design toolkit along the way.

Jenea Hayes, Dec 4

Making the Case for Synthesis

Holly Thorsen, Mar 8

So you want to build a better feedback culture?

The Editors, Feb 15

Laboratoria: Code That Transforms

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Jul 19

Bringing Together Personas, Jobs To Be Done, and Customer Journey Maps

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Aug 13

Transforming Customer Experience with Journey Mapping

Jayson McCauliff, Jun 18

The color of empathy is not flat: Insights to Color Blindness & Design.  

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