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Some people call it customer experience, others service design, still more say journey mapping. Call it what you want, but delivering stunning services that delight consumers is more complex and arguably more imperative than ever. To stay ahead, businesses need to both understand the end-to-end customer experience and how to align their organization in support of this vision.

Here, you will find a series of articles and resources curated by Cooper which highlight approaches to help you design services that deliver value to consumers, and help guide the creation of business strategies to operationalize service design in your organization.

Tammy Su, Mar 20

Creating a Lifetime Journey Map

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, May 12

From CX to CVX: Delivering and capturing value, by design

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Nov 4

Uncovering Service Design Opportunities: A Checklist

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Aug 13

Transforming Customer Experience with Journey Mapping

The Editors, Jul 21

4 Reasons Why You Should Make A Service Blueprint

Shahrzad Samadzadeh, Jun 2

Exploration: a tool for change management

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