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Popular culture is filled with examples of famously successful creative pairs, and it’s no wonder: they combine complementary skills, experience, and perspectives to produce great work. Cooper pioneered the practice of Pair Design back in 1997, and we’ve been putting it through its paces on client projects ever since. Here you’ll find resources to introduce you to Pair Design, help you learn from our triumphs/mistakes, and join the discussion of future directions for the practice.

Chris Noessel, Suzy Thompson, Feb 25

What does Pair Design look like?

Chris Noessel, Jan 26

Pair DJ-ing

Suzy Thompson, Oct 1

Pair Design and the Power of Thought Partnership

Stefan Klocek, Apr 18

Better together; the practice of successful creative collaboration

Chris Noessel, Feb 22

Pairaphors: Explaining pair design (metaphorically)

Chris Noessel, Nov 11

Design Loneliness

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