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Most software projects are built around the question "What are we going to do next?" But occasionally we're asked to think farther out. Projects focused either on the 5-10 year range or on cutting edge technologies are more about "Where are we headed?" "What's going to inspire people?" and even "What's cool?" These are different questions to ask, and answering them changes the usual process of interaction design.

This Cooper collection features news about future technologies, long-term trends likely to affect us, and techniques for working on this style of project. If the future is what we make of it, let's make it kick ass. 

Jon Mysel, Oct 25

Two Design Trends to Watch

Jenea Hayes, Jul 12

The State of the Automated Home

Chris Noessel, Jan 9

Summoning the Next Interface: Agentive Tools & SAUNa Technology

Chris Noessel, Jan 7

Make It Wearable

Chris Noessel, Nov 21

Designing the Future: Cooper in Berlin

Nate Clinton, Nov 15

Augmented Experience

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