At the start of the new year, we're looking to discover how we can grow and improve as designers. .net Magazine proposes some interesting new year's resolutions for designers. To this list, we've add a few of our own:

Inspired by the Dieter Rams exhibit at SF MOMA, Kim Appelquist resolves to foster relevant design and a heightened awareness of symbiotic coordination. less_more_rams_SK4.jpgDieter Rams, Braun phonosuper (SK 4), 1956; design: Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams, photo: Koichi Okuwaki

Chris Noessel resolves to empathize even more with users, such as trying out a tool for better understanding the needs of the elderly by wearing a suit that makes you feel 75 years old. agnes-4.jpg

Peter Duyan resolves to look beyond standard interface paradigms, to possibilities such as multitouch on any surface with a contact microphone. gest.jpg

And we all resolve to extend our impact as designers, whether it's through conveying the value of designers who code, or being the new secret weapon for start-ups.

And as January gets underway, we're happy to share the release of our most recent work with Thomson Reuters on their new mobile newsreader app for the iPad. Thomson Reuters provides real-time news and information to financial professionals around the world. Cooper designed an iPad app that facilitates the creation of a list of news topics, companies, trends, people, or ideas that interest them, and then populates these with relevant market data and up-to-the-minute analysis. The first version of this app is now available in the iTunes store for Thomson Reuters subscribers. TR_mars_white_ipad_grid.png

Here's to great design in 2012!