I was asked by the leadership of the Agile 2008 Conference to give the closing keynote address at their annual conference in Toronto. The audience at Agile08 consisted of about 1500 programmers, engineers, product managers, and others involved in the creation and deployment of software primarily using Agile methods.

My belief in the value of detailed written design has often led enthusiasts of Agile to assume that I am an adherent of the obsolete, and justly maligned, waterfall method of software construction. I was pleased to have this opportunity to state my position with clarity and precision, not to mention making the case for effective collaboration between interaction designers and Agile programmers.

Here are the slides and accompanying speaker's notes for my talk. Some in the audience noticed that I was reading from my notes during the presentation. If you're interested in why I chose to do this, read this Journal entry.

If you would like to discuss this presentation with me, either post a comment to the Cooper Journal blog or email me directly at alan@cooper.com.