As Halloween approaches, and the veil between worlds grows wan, threadbare, and permeable, Cooper realizes that we can serve the spirit, spook, and creature population better if we understand them from a Goal-Directed perspective. In service of this we present a short series of Halloween personas. Today's persona is Sammy Bishop Destro.


Little Sammy Bishop was once just a normal boy. But once scratched by a gremlin, he became something else altogether. Destro roams the airports, construction sites, and back alleys of Detroit. Whenever possible, he joins forces with his friends to sabotage things like airplanes, semi-trucks, and heavy construction equipment.

Salient traits:

  • Mischievous
  • Self-involved
  • Addicted to crushing
  • An anarchist

How we can help Destro:

  • Get him connected with others who are ready to annihilate huge mechanical systems.
  • Give him access to lightweight, yet large tools that are optimized for damage.
  • Provide contextual help that keep him hidden during his spontaneous, reckless missions of sabotage.

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