Designing for Moms

Cooper’s Founder, Alan Cooper invented the modern-day design persona. Personas are archetypal user profiles that describe the key goals, behaviors, and attitudes of target users. Personas are created through a framework that identifies behavior patterns through individual ethnographic interviews. 

At Cooper, design personas are an important tool in our everyday work. Once they are crafted, they allow for a more focused understanding of user needs. We use them in our consulting projects to drive and evaluate approaches for creating meaningful and effective products and services. 

Personas are often used to: 

● Audit existing products and services, 

● Provide context for evaluating new products and services, 

● Build empathy for a diverse set of audience members, and 

● Avoid creating solutions based on self-­referential assumptions.

To learn more about the history at personas at Cooper, read: The Origin of Personas by Alan Cooper

Since 1992, Cooperistas have created thousands of personas for clients large and small. We design many products and services with moms in mind. To commemorate Mother’s Day, here’s a gallery of some of our favorite “mom” personas. 

Note: These personas are borrowed from actual Cooper consulting projects. Enjoy!

Cale LeRoy

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