California Academy of Sciences + Cooper UX Boot Camp

By Dana Lamb, PMO Manager, California Academy of Sciences

I joined the technology team at the California Academy of Sciences shortly after completing Cooper’s UX Boot Camp back in 2013. While at the Academy, I’ve leveraged many of the concepts I learned at UX Boot Camp, including creating powerful personas to engage our stakeholders and solve complex design problems.

The Academy has a unique new challenge, and I’m excited to work with Cooper and Cooper U workshop participants — and perhaps *you* — to solve it.

If you’ve ever visited the indoor rainforest at the California Academy of Sciences, you know it’s a glorious space: a four-story glass dome filled with more than 250 free-flying birds and butterflies, and nearly 100 exotic reptiles and amphibians. Perhaps as you’ve climbed to the top, you’ve even peered down into our Amazonian flooded forest far below. But what happened after you left?  

The world’s rainforests are enormously important, providing food and medicine, housing over half the world’s land-dwelling species, and even affecting weather across the globe, far from where they’re located. Unfortunately, rainforests are also quickly disappearing.

At the Academy, our goal is to keep visitors engaged in the experience of visiting our rainforest, and inspire them to take action to protect these critical ecosystems long after they leave the museum. 

This is where Cooper comes in. Our organization has recently launched a major initiative to explore, explain, and sustain the world’s rainforests. As part of this, we have some significant and exciting updates planned for our indoor rainforest next year.

But we will also want a digital component that will extend the exhibit experience after people leave, inspiring them to explore, learn, and maybe even take their own steps to protect these important natural ecosystems. Keeping people engaged and in action is the focus of our upcoming 4-day UX Boot Camp, May 3-6. I think it’s an incredibly exciting challenge, and provides a real opportunity to make a difference in the world. I’m looking forward to what this new cohort of Boot Campers will think up! If you’d like to participate, register here.

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