4 Reasons Why You Should Make A Service Blueprint

This year Cooper U launched its first ever public training focused on customer experience design. Nancy Chu, one of our attendees, shared some of her takeaways from class with us. 

4 reasons why you should put together a Service Blueprint for your service:

  • You understand that providing a cohesive customer experience is a requirement in today’s service oriented society
  • You want to understand your customer experience in its entirety
  • You want to identify places where you can improve the entire customer service experience
  • You want to motivate people in different parts of your organization so that you can work together to improve your customer experience from all touchpoints

A couple of weeks ago a group of us attended the “Transforming Customer Experience” training at Cooper U. We had participation from User Experience, Customer Success, and Product Management. Together we want to unite cross functionally to have greater impact within the Sumo Logic organization, so that we can improve our service offering from all possible touchpoints. We are a service company, and we know that providing a cohesive customer experience is a requirement that is more important than ever in today’s service-oriented society (think, Uber and Airbnb).

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in this class is the benefit of using the primary tool of service design – the Service Blueprint. The Service Blueprint includes the customer journey as well as all of the interactions and touchpoints that make up and support that journey.

After sitting down and creating the Service Blueprint for the Sumo Logic Setup Wizard (which recently went through a dramatic UX transformation), it helped me look beyond the Setup Wizard so that I can evaluate all the other backend systems that make up the customer’s entire journey.

Read more about how Nancy created and used this service blueprint on the Sumo Logic blog.

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