Let’s Jam. 

What’s a Service Jam?

The Global Service Jam is a 48-hour event that brings people from all backgrounds together to learn new approaches, tools, and methods for designing services. 

This isn’t a watch-and-learn kind of conference, the GSJ participants get their hands dirty, creating services, not slide decks. 

On the evening of the first night, a theme is announced, then for the next 48 hours jammers focus on exploring, iterating, and prototyping new service design ideas. All the Jams share the same starting themes, and publish their local results over a central platform.

Okay, when is it? 

This year’s Jam in San Francisco is hosted by the SF Service Design Network and Cooper. Come join us on the weekend of February 27-March 1st for a hands-on, all-in, global design challenge. 

See how last year’s Jam went down here:

Here are some reasons you should join us: 

1. It’s global. 

From the East Coast of Australia to the West Coast of the United States, there are thousands of people all working on the same challenge. And at the end of the weekend you get to see all the results. 

2. It’s for anyone. 

Are you a Service Designer? Great! Have you been toiling with the idea of learning about Service Design? Welcome! We embrace diverse backgrounds. This is a refreshing opportunity to meet people and collaborate with a new team.

3. It’s a chance to explore.

Play with tools, processes, and design methods in a safe environment while working toward designing new services and customer experiences. Learn about service design, experience prototyping, customer journeys, design research methods and more.

If you’re still not convinced, check this out: 

Are you ready?

Join us in San Francisco!

Interested in participating, but can’t make it to San Francisco? Here are all the current locations for Service Jams this February. If you don’t see your town on the list, there’s still time to start your own.

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