Easy win: Twitter

Being an interaction designer means you’re aware of improvements that can be made in the things you use every day. This one is about the notifications in Twitter’s iPhone app. Hey, Twitter! Here’s an easy win.

So you’re on your iPhone when it buzzes in your hand. Hey, neat! A Twitter somethingorother. You open the app, only to see that there are no notifications for your current Twitter profile.

That’s cool. It must be for one of the other Twitter profiles you use. So you open the list of profiles only to see…nothing. No hint of where this little tweet of goodness awaits you.

Now it’s become micro-work. Excise. Like being invited into someone’s home for tea and having to go looking for them room by room. It’s not fun. It’s not exploration. It’s tedium. From here you have to go one-by-one through the profiles, searching for the one that hides these four tweety octets of promise.

Here’s the easy win, Twitter: Just keep those signposts coming. That same little dot that you used to alert me to the thing in the first place. I’ve already been trained to follow it like a cat to a laser pointer, so just keep using it. Put one on the profile button, and I’ll know to tap it. Then, put one on the profile that needs my attention. Bam. I’ve now found the tweet in question with no excise in between.

It’s two 20×20 icons that you already have in the image library, but that keeps me on track to get my little dopamine hit and respond to someone out there in social media land. Easy win!

Chris Noessel

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