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Cooper U Offers Special 2-Day IxD Training in Portland

This fall from November 6 to November 7 Cooper U is excited to be bring a special 2-day training to Portland, Oregon.

What’s Inside This Training?

Grounded in Cooper’s foundational Interaction Design training, this condensed 2-day course is a chance to take a few steps back from the details of design and absorb a higher-level view of Cooper’s practices and techniques. During this course you’ll define the qualities of an ideal user experience and discuss why human needs come first and technology second. You’ll envision products and services that are financially viable, technically feasible, and delightful to your customers, and you’ll understand what goes into Cooper’s secret sauce to make that magic happen.

Is This for Me?

This course is ideal for people who want a high-level overview and not technical practice. Managers and developers wanting to learn more about interaction design would definitely benefit, and it’s also a great opportunity for people who’ve taken the course at Cooper a long time ago to get a refresher.

Where do I sign up?

Register for Interaction Design in Portland, November 6-7.

Why Portland?

Great teaching….
There are many reasons why we love Portland, but top of the list is it’s where our Managing Director Steve Calde calls home. Steve is a veteran Cooperista who has deep expertise as both a practitioner and an instructor, and when it comes to Interaction Design, he has seen and done it all, from conducting and analyzing user research to defining and prioritizing requirements, to conceptual and detailed design.

Inspiring culture…
We’re excited about Portland because it’s a hugely creative city with an indie spirit that values art and craftsmanship. We see a kinship with those values. It’s also our first public course in the Pacific Northwest and we’re looking forward to working with the awesome businesses in Oregon and Washington.

Where is the training hosted?

We’ll be partnering with Intel’s Portland campus, named the “Most Admired Technology Company” in Oregon for the eighth year in a row by CEO’s and top-level managers throughout the state, which bodes well for inspiration!

How do I get there?

For more details about the training check out the Interaction Design course page.

Portland Oregon sign image via Antler Imageworks.

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