The Designer’s Lifeblood

A portfolio is the designer’s lifeblood—both a record of accomplishments and an implicit promise of quality. It’s also a sales pitch, a way to help others imagine how our work could apply to their problem. We want prospective clients to look at our body of work and think: This is how great my product could be.

As we sat down to re-think how we talk about what we’ve done in the past, and what we can offer in the future, we came to the realization that the work isn’t only about us. Yes, we’re proud of what we deliver to clients, but the truth is that the work we do is just the beginning of a client’s journey. After the applause and the handshakes and the goodbyes, our clients still have a business to run and competitors to best and industries to reinvent. Their success is not guaranteed, but we aim to give them a fighting chance.

This is why Cooper has made design education such a key part of our business. What better way to elevate our clients than to give them the finished product, but also tools, processes, and practices?

Design is never done, and clients will evolve, recast and improve the things Cooper design teams dream up long after the project ends. In the end, it’s the clients we’re proud of—their growth, and evolution, and determination—not just the journeys we identified, the screens we drew, or the strategies we outlined.

Let us show you just a few of the many clients whose success continue to inspire us on our refreshed portfolio page.

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