Cooper U’s Interaction Design Training in Sketchnotes

A few days ago, during Cooper U’s Interaction Design training, we stumbled upon Evelyn Ma’s gorgeous sketchnotes. They captured the key takeaways from the class in such an elegant and visually intriguing way, we thought we’d pass them along to you.

Design is creativity with a goal.

This is one of the founding principles of Cooper.

Cooper’s goal-directed design process revolves around understanding and satisfying user’s goals. These goals are uncovered during user research and are translated into behavioral archetypes called personas.

Personas are based on patterns in research, which are articulated through five aspects or elements.

Personas help ground designers throughout the design process and connect them to users.

The next step in the goal-directed design process moves into building scenarios.

Scenarios are like storyboards, which designers use to test their ideas on.

Tip: When mapping scenarios, ask yourself what the persona will see, think, and do.

Once scenarios are solidly defined, it’s time to step back and build a framework.

This is your opportunity to zoom out. Framework is an outline of what your designs will do.

The last lesson taught in Interaction Design offers guidance on getting buy-in from clients and your team.

Tip: Avoid the swoop and poop! Socialize your ideas with your team and your clients before you present them. That way you keep all stakeholders informed and invested, and there aren’t any surprises.

Keep on learning

This is just a slice of the awesome learning that happens at Cooper U. You can get even more Interaction Design takeaways in class with us. For more beautiful sketchnotes and general musings on design, you can find Evelyn on twitter @evelyndesigns29 or on her blog.

All sketchnotes have been shared with permission from Evelyn Ma.

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