Changing Healthcare Delivery Through Design


The SF Service Design Network + Cooper are teaming up to host a conversation about the impact that service design can have on healthcare.


When: Tuesday, August 19
Where: Cooper’s Studio, 85 2nd St, San Francisco, CA
Cost: $10
Moderators: Lauren Ruiz, Interaction and Service Designer at Cooper and Izac Ross, SF SDN Co-Chair, Interaction and Service Designer at Cooper

Tickets here – Space is very limited.

The US healthcare system is broken – millions of patients face astounding out-of-pocket costs, limited affordable insurance, long wait times to see practitioners, and wasted hours navigating impenetrable legal text. The pacing of the Affordable Care Act is changing healthcare delivery as we know it. As a result, healthcare professionals and designers have begun to step out of the system and are reframing health care by delivering new services and technologies that disrupt the industry and meet patients’ evolving needs and expectations.

Through this panel discussion we will address how human-centered service design can help deliver the results that the Affordable Care Act is demanding, and discuss how we use design to make innovative and smart improvements.

Meet the panelists:

Chris McCarthy, Director, Innovation Learning Network at Kaiser Permanente

Ibanga Umanah, Health Practice Lead at Jump Associates

Susan Dybbs, Director of Design at Collective Health

Mitchell Mom, Venture Associate at Rock Health

Update: The amazing Susan Dybbs will be joining us as Dara Dotz had an exciting opportunity come up in Texas.

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