Man’s Best App

How do you design an engaging and educational application that prepares a user with short-term memory loss for a lifestyle change?

For the November UX Boot Camp, designers, developers, and product managers from around the world teamed up to answer that very challenge for Canine Companions for Independence, the largest non-profit provider of service dogs.

Led by senior designers from Cooper, UX Boot Camp participants got their hands dirty learning new UX design techniques, collaborating with new teams, and working closely with stakeholders from Canine Companions.

From kickoff to design delivery, UX Boot Camp participants took a hands-on role in the generation, exploration, and synthesis of five distinct and fully-developed design concepts.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes:

Participants met with business stakeholders and experts in memory loss and service dog training.

UXBC tip: Participants learned through their research that repetition is a very useful tool to help users with memory loss learn faster.

They interviewed current service dog handlers and used their research findings to create personas.

UXBC tip: The way to design a product that will satisfy a lot of people is to design it to make one person happy. If you try to make a lot people happy, you will make no one happy.
– Alan Cooper, President, Cooper

They shaped their ideas into design concepts through scenarios and exploration.

UXBC tip: When you’re sketching framework, focus on articulating the big system, not agonizing over the details. Remember: the fidelity of your drawing should match the fidelity of your thinking.


And finally they pitched their fully-developed concepts to the Canine Companion stakeholders.

UXBC tip: When you’re pitching to your client, don’t just repeat the language of the project brief, tell a story.

Coming Up:

Join us this March as we partner with Kiva to design web concepts that help potential lenders navigate the micro-lending waters so that they might confidently support the development of small businesses around the world.

Details and registration for the UX Boot Camp: Kiva, March 11-14 in San Francisco.

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