Global Service what…?

and is there any peanut butter with the jam?

No, this is not that kind of jam. Think of a music jam, but instead of feeding off each other’s instruments to come up with interesting songs, we will feed off of each other’s ideas to come up with creative service solutions. 

The Global Service Jam is a 48-hour design event that brings people from all backgrounds together to learn new approaches, tools, and methods for designing services. This isn’t a watch-and-learn kind of conference, the GSJ gets participants’ hands dirty, asking “jammers” to create services, not slide decks. A theme is announced on the first night of the Jam then for the next 48 hours jammers focus on exploring, iterating, and prototyping new service design ideas. One person introduces a ryf, or rhythm, and together you get the chance to build something that you couldn’t have built by yourself.

This year, Cooper is excited to host the SF Service Jam, March 7-9.

5 reasons why Jamming is awesome:


1. Global simultaneity

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you and your team are working in sync with people from all over the globe to solve a real challenge. Last year, in the “grow” themed challenge, there were 120 Service Jam locations worldwide, with over 3,000 people working together.

During last year’s 48-hour window, people shared their insights and ideas on Planet Jam, posting over 500 projects.

2. Collaborating with people from different backgrounds

As a jammer, you learn from and collaborate with fellow jammers who have a variety of experiences and backgrounds, ranging from designing to engineering, from public service to local business owners. This is a refreshing opportunity to meet people and collaborate with a new team.

3. Learning new perspectives and tools to design services

Play with tools, processes, and design methods in a safe environment while working toward designing new services and customer experiences. Learn about service design, experience prototyping, customer journeys, design research methods and more.

4. You get to stop talking and start prototyping

The Jam is about prototyping services, not making slide decks. By prototyping we don’t mean code, we mean designing an experience and then iterating as you learn how people engage and re-engage with it. Although code may help you achieve this goal, it’s not required!

5. Be guided by some amazing mentors

Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence

Jammers will have access to talented design mentors from a variety of San Francisco’s best design consultancies, startups, and education programs to guide them through the weekend of jamming. 

Are you ready for a challenge?

Join us in San Francisco!

Interested in participating, but can’t make it to San Francisco? Here are all the current locations for Service Jams this March. If you don’t see your town on the list, there’s still time to start your own.

Photo sources include: Global Service Jam, Elena Olivo,, White Kaos and We are Snook

Izac Ross

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