From Superman to the Avengers: Rethinking Bruce Mau Design

[Excerpt from a UX Magazine  article written by Teresa Brazen. Full article here.]

Everyone loves a hero. But what happens to

organizations when their heroic leaders retire?

Four years ago,  Bruce Mau Design  (BMD) faced this dilemma. The company’s infamous founder,  Bruce Mau, left so that he could create a platform to address bigger global issues that were meaningful to him called the  Massive Change Network. Those who remained at BMD and its new President and CEO,  Hunter Tura, were presented with an interesting opportunity: reinvention. Curious about the  culture of BMD  today, I interviewed Tura in his Toronto office. Here are some takeaways for teams and organizations from their evolution.

Rethink Your Mental Model

Bruce Mau Design was founded upon what Tura describes as the “Superman model,” which meant the founder was seen as the “creative auteur” of the company. Mau’s exit gave the BMD team an opportunity to rethink how they positioned themselves, what services they wanted to offer, and how they wanted to work together. Read the rest of the  article  here.

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