Engaging Millennials – the UX Boot Camp: Wikipedia

As mobile devices become widely adopted, organizations are increasingly focused on designing engaging experiences across multiple platforms. At Cooper’s UX Boot Camp with Wikimedia, the non-profit took this a step further, challenging the class of designers to create a solution that facilitated content input and encouraged a new group of editors, specifically Millennial women, to contribute through mobile devices.

At Cooper, we were particularly compelled by this challenge. Although the tech industry is moving forward under the influence powerful women like Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandburg, collectively it’s still adjusting its culture to embrace diversity. So Cooperistas were inspired by the idea of working with Wikimedia to learn more about the female Millennials to help shift our own community.

See how the four-days of designing and learning went here.

A Few Takeaways

“It’s easy to see what is, but your job is to see beyond, into what might be.“
– Alan Cooper, Day 1, UX Boot Camp: Wikimedia

This quote from Alan really captures the essence of the UX Boot Camp, but it’s also a good little reminder for practitioners. Don’t be afraid to push further. 

Also this workshop reaffirmed the importance of design explorations. Exploration opens the door to new connections, insights, and perspective otherwise difficult to discover. The ideas is to draw inspiration from how other fields, domains, products and services have addressed similar challenges. In UX Boot Camp: Wikipedia, students looked at everything from Angie’s list to World of Warcraft.

When Old Is New Again

The four-day immersion in real-world user-experience challenged and honed the skills of the student designers and offered 6 distinct design concepts for mobile Wikipedia. Hear what the Wikimedia stakeholders took away from the experience in this brief post-Boot Camp interview.

WikiBC Partner Interview from Cooper on Vimeo.

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