Design Your Professional Relationships at the next Cooper Parlor

The soft skills that will make or break your career

When: Thursday, November 14 (doors open at 6, conversation starts at 6:30)
Moderator: Alla Zollers, UX Consultant and Coach
Where: Cooper’s Studio 85 2nd St, 8th Floor, San Francisco
Cost: $10
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Are You Designing Your Professional Relationships?

The design community talks a lot about the mechanics of our work, concentrating on the processes, tools, and techniques that lead to concrete deliverables. But, we often miss that 90% of our work is actually in building and maintaining relationships.  Regardless of your role, good working relationships are vital to your job success and satisfaction. They can impede or promote your efforts to advocate for customers, earn a seat at the strategy table, participate in the key decision making processes, garner buy-in, and feel empowered to do your job.  

In this Cooper Parlor, we’ll explore how to create a practice of explicitly designing your relationships. Drawing on cognitive-behavioral techniques and positive psychology practices, this interactive talk will take you through a 4-step process for designing professional relationships:

  1. Get out of your own way: Utilizing an interactive exercise, Alla Zollers will help you identify and manage the inner critics that sabotage your relationships.
  2. Discover your values: A group exercise to help you identify your values so that you are able to communicate your needs to others and request the same in return
  3. Invite co-design: Learn how to have a relationship design conversation
  4. Iterate: Explore how to create a space and an opening to continue to redesign and maintain the relationship on an ongoing basis

You will walk away with new self-knowledge and awareness, as well as techniques for designing successful relationships that will take your career and influence to a whole new level. 

Come join us!

About Alla Zollers

Alla Zollers is a UX consultant and coach. She leads product design teams from fuzzy concepts to successful product launches. She also coaches individuals and teams in the soft skills that lead to greater collaboration, improved communication, and success. You can learn more about her at or connect with her on twitter @azollers.

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