A gift to the survivors

By now you’ve heard the furtive whispers of that derelict building whose haunted rooms twist end turn even as you meander through spooky design pun after spooky design pun. You may have even dared wind your way through it. If you haven’t, find your courage and prepare your best screaming voice, because the time to head there is now. Despite—no, wait, because—of the terrors it holds.

Because on Halloween, Cooper will be awarding its full set of books to someone on the survivors list. How do you get on the survivor’s list? By braving the terrors of the Design Haunted House, of course, and keeping a sharp eye for your chance to escape.

So grab a wooden stake, steel your nerves, and make your way up the steps to this most terrifying of mansions, where your very survival is threatened…by design.


Chris Noessel

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