Announcing the Next Cooper Parlor: The UI Of Nature

How nature’s hidden language of interfaces can inspire the future of interaction design

When: Thursday, September 26 (Networking at 6, event starts at 6:30)
Moderators: Zak Brazen, Creative Director at George P. Johnson and Wyatt Starosta, User Experience Researcher at Open Table
Where: Cooper’s Studio, 85 2nd St., 8th Floor, San Francisco
Cost: $10

As humans strive to design ever more sophisticated interfaces and experiences, it’s clear we need new models –and new languages– to guide the way. Looking across disciplines for inspiration, we find that biological systems have been perfecting interfaces for eons. Where animals and plants are the users, and ecological systems are the screens upon which interactions, relationships and experiences play out, evolution has produced ingenious design solutions to seriously complex UI/UX problems. Over millions of years, the natural selection of interactions has resulted in a wealth of elegant processes (bees pollinating plants, for example) that mold individual behavior for long-term fitness.

All of this leaves us wondering:

Is there something hidden in nature’s language of interfaces that might reveal a system for designing the next generation of interactions between people and things? What might studying these ecological interactions, and associated interfaces, teach us about our views on UI/UX? What tricks does the natural world employ to signal, filter noise, prevent errors, and make system status visible? In constantly evolving ecological systems, how do nature’s interfaces adapt to meet the needs of it’s users?

In this provocative, hands-on workshop, we’ll:

  1. Draw useful connections between the UI of nature and the nature of UI.
  2. Highlight some jaw-dropping examples of UI in the natural world.
  3. Collectively articulate a set of ecologically inspired principles that can be applied to designing leading edge interactions between people and things.

Please join Zak Brazen, Creative Director at George P. Johnson, and Wyatt Starosta, User Experience Researcher at Open Table, in this future leaning conversation.

What is the Cooper Parlor?

The Cooper Parlor is a gathering of designers and design-minded people to exchange ideas around a specific topic. We aim to cultivate conversation that instigates, surprises, entertains, and most importantly, broadens our community’s collective knowledge and perspective about the potential for design. Save you seat now!

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