The Sound of Design

Our lives have a soundtrack.
Throughout the workday, we are immersed in a chorus of snaps, taps, squeaks, dribbles, drops and pops. These ambient sounds (and not so ambient from the guy who blasts death metal all day) play an important role in our design practice. Sound can be a muse or a distraction, but it’s always an influencer—of your mood, your process, and your outcomes.
Have you ever thought about the sounds that surround you at work? Ever wondered what story your workplace tells about you and your culture? Share the story of your design studio by recording the little (and not so little) sounds that make up your design practice, and help us create an artifact that tells the larger story of design. Each recording we receive will be uploaded onto the Sounds of Design audio stream adding to the first soundscape of design.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Find the subject you want to record
  2. Open up your smartphone or tablet’s home screen
  3. Find and Open Voice Memos app (should be available on iPhone 4S, 5 and Android Galaxy III)
    • If you don’t already have a voice memos app, you can download any of the following for free on Android (Voice Recorder) or on iPhone or iPad for $.99 (Audio Memos)
  4. In Voice Memos (or other recording app) press red recording button to start recording
  5. Record your desired sound for up to 30 seconds. Hit the stop button to end recording
  6. On the same screen, tap 3 lined “listen” button to hear your recording
For iOS users
  1. Highlight your track and tap the blue share button
  2. Select email and send the track to [email protected]
  3. Please include your name, audio subject, company and location in the body of the email
For Android users
  1. Exit the voice memos application and open email app
  2. Tap add attachment, then audio, and then select your track
  3. Send your track to [email protected]
  4. Please include your name, subject of recording, company and location in the body of the email

Your contribution might bring you to Cooper! Each submission will enter you in drawing to win a seat at the next Cooper UX Boot Camp, partnering with public radio’s Marketplace Money.
Learn more about the UX Boot Camp: Marketplace Money, which focuses on designing the future of public radio
The Sounds of Design is a collaboration between Kendra Shimmell, Caroline Kraus, Teresa Brazen and Julie Celia

Julie Celia

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