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According to popular belief, radio is dead. It’s not; it’s just taking a different form. Instead of families gathering around a radio to hear the nightly news, people are staying informed by listening to the “All Things Considered” podcast or following Fareed Zakaria on Twitter. So how does a radio program make the transition from on-air to online and define their role as journalists in the digital age? And how can designers influence how radio content is generated, shared, and consumed?

In the June UX Boot Camp, through experimentation and exploration, participants will redesign how listeners interact with radio content. They’ll conduct this examination through a radio program you may have heard on your local public radio station: Marketplace Money. American Public Media’s Marketplace Money is a weekly public radio program airing locally on KQED that looks at matters of personal finance with wit and wisdom.

In this particular UX Boot Camp, students will work with American Public Media's Marketplace Money to transform the experience of radio. They'll come up with new tools and models for engagement that encourage multi-platform participation, crowd-sourced content, and an entirely new type of relationship between listeners and show host. Sound like a challenge you want to solve? Save your spot now.

About the UX Boot Camp

The UX Boot Camp is an opportunity for designers, developers, and project managers with some interaction design experience to take their skills to the next level. Guided by industry experts, you’ll gain the toolkit for solving interaction design challenges while working on a real-world project for a non-profit. Curious about what the UX Boot Camp is really like? Don't take our word for it – hear what the students had to say about it themselves. Inside Cooper's UX Boot Camp from Cooper on Vimeo. Over the course of four days, you’ll take a deep dive into Cooper’s approach to design. You’ll learn to understand the problem through observations and questioning, and create design solutions that delight users. By immersing yourself in design, you’ll learn how to approach and solve problems like a designer, instead of applying methods by rote. Learn more about the Cooper teaching method in this article by UX Boot Camp creator Kendra Shimmell.

What’s in it for you:

  • Revolutionize the way a public radio show interacts with its listeners.
  • Build your interaction design toolkit with new methods and techniques.
  • Beef up your portfolio.
  • Meet and work with an international group of designers, developers and product managers.
  • Immerse yourself in interaction design working on a real world problem.

Want to design the future of radio?

Join us in San Francisco, June 11-14 for the UX Boot Camp: Marketplace Money. Register now.

Radio Vintage photo via Flickr

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