Model Business: Turning Values into Value

Join Cooper and Fair Trade USA for the first Cooper Parlor and UX Boot Camp of 2013!

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Cooper Parlor is a gathering of designers and design-minded people to exchange ideas around a specific topic. We aim to cultivate conversation that instigates, surprises, entertains, and most importantly, broadens our community’s collective knowledge and perspective about the potential for design.
Upcoming Parlor: Model Business – Turning Values into Value

    : Patrick Keenan, Interaction Designer, Cooper


    : Thursday, February 21st


    : 6:30-8:30 (doors open at 6)


    : $15



Fair Trade USA,

    1500 Broadway #400, Oakland, CA

Save your space now.
Why does it make sense to pay more for coffee even if it tastes the same? How could it be successful to give away two pairs of shoes every time you sell one? What about the color red makes an iPod more expensive? It’s the business model, stupid. A business model is a design, not unlike a wireframe, but instead of describing an interaction in the world, it describes how a company creates and captures value in the marketplace. A well designed business model has the power to align personal values with routine purchases. But what are the patterns? And when is one business model more appropriate than another?
This Cooper Parlor will explore existing business models designed to help consumers put their money where their heart is. We’ll begin by looking at a couple of specific cases where values (moral principles) were turned into value (additional profit). Then, we’ll dive into how you can incorporate this framework into your design practice.

Why this topic?

The nonprofit partner for our March UX Boot Camp: Fair Trade USA inspired this conversation. We were intrigued by the certification system that Fair Trade USA uses to help consumers to connect with a deeper mission and put their money where their morals are. This got us thinking about other businesses and business models that put their values first. Coupled with Patrick’s insight into business models and how to map them, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity for exploration.

Want to Get Deeper into this Problem Space?

The parlor is an introduction to the larger exploration that we’ll have at the UX Boot Camp: Fair Trade USA this March. Together designers, developers, and project managers will be challenged to conceive of digital tools to enable advocates and influencers to ignite consumer demand for Fair Trade products to create a fundamental shift in the way goods are traded and purchased. This is a real opportunity to impact the future of Fair Trade USA, while beefing up your portfolio and making new connections.


    : March 25-28, 2013


    : Monkey Ranch, the 50 acre farm of the founders of Cooper, Alan and Sue Cooper in Petaluma, CA


    : $2,150.00 for 4 days of immersive, hands-on training (breakfast and lunch included)


    : Design practitioners, developers, product managers, and decision-makers who have some experience creating products, but want to take their skills and processes to the next level.

The UX Boot Camp is an intensive learning environment that gives participants the chance to hone their UX design chops while working on a meaty, real-world problem. To support this growth, the Cooper U teachers create a learning environment participants learn a lot more than just methods; they learn how to think like a designer.
Are you ready to take the dive? Join us in Petaluma, CA from March 25-28 to help Fair Trade USA create a demand for goods that support the triple bottom line: people, profit, and planet.

UX Boot Camp Fair Trade USA

  • Mar 25-28, 2013
  • Facilitators: Kendra Shimmell, Stefan Klocek, and Teresa Brazen

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